Dunedin Marina History

The fish house at the Dunedin Marina was a wooden shack with a loading dock, where local commercial fishermen unloaded millions of pounds of Florida seafood in the 1930s. Our family bought the fish company in 1971 with the intent to deliver the best and freshest bounty of the Gulf to our community.

The Dunedin Fish Company continued to wholesale and process fish to the Bay area’s finest restaurants into the early 2000s. There was always a desire and vision to one day provide a Florida-centric atmosphere at this very same fish house; where locals could also share and enjoy the picturesque views of the marina, that our family grew to love so dearly throughout our youth. When it expanded as Olde Bay Cafe the small loading dock was replaced with a slightly wider deck to house a few tables and bar stools along with some freshly boated fish tacos, sangria and some craft beer.

The Dunedin Marina sits on the west end of Main Street, next to Edgewater Park, a popular destination for both locals and tourists, who enjoy walking along the docks among the yachts, sailboats, commercial fishing boats, and charters or visiting the nearby public pier to take in breathtaking sunsets.




Dunedin Civil Center 1 1961
Dunedin CIvil Center 2 1961
Dunedin Marina 3 Dec 1964